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Clearly, I have not finished rebuilding this website. Be patient, is all I can say...

I am an assistant professor within the LIACS computer science institute of Leiden University (since 2002). My work mainly relates to the Media Technology MSc program, of which I am a board member. The program stimulates students to deal with science in creative, playful and innovative ways, in which personal inspiration and curiosity are leading. We aim to deliver creative scientists that are capable of finding new, interesting and unexpected area's of research.

I studied computer science at Utrecht University, completing my master research in image processing and neural networks (1993). My PhD diploma was obtained from Leiden University (2001) after researching neural network techniques for data analysis in environmental epidemiology, by assignment of the Dutch National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

I design lasergame technology for the LaserMaxx international lasergame brand, which I co-founded with a good friend (1993). One day per week I still develop game technology at LaserMaxx.

Prior employments include being technical coordinator of the CMG University Class (1999-2000) and inventor within a very large insurance firm (2000-2002).

I live in Utrecht and was born in January 1968.